Breakthrough Your Fears, Eliminate Painful Shyness, and Enjoy The Life You Really Want - Forever!

Renegade Hypnotist Reveals Secrets To Boosting Your Confidence Through The Roof, Eliminating Your Shyness and Stuck States, Approach Members of the Opposite Sex, Burst Past Old Limitations, Lose All The Weight You Want, And Instantly Program Your Mind For Success Using A Lost Change Technique

This is the technique Tony Robbins (who's the guy who has coached US Presidents and hot shot CEO's) uses to create rapid change - often in just minutes but NEVER explains how he does it.


She's Tripled Her Income, Eliminated All Debt, Turned In Her Clunker Car For A New BMW Convertible And Became A Superstar In Her Career!

And Here's Sara, the subject of our video one year later... in Her New 2007 BMW Convertible. (And the Bvlgari sunglasses she's wearing cost more than most people make in a week!)

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And after shooting the video above, I used the technique on my own...

How I Melted 58 Pounds of Fat And Get Admiring Looks From Nearly Everyone Who Knew The "Old Me" Only After They Figured Out Who I Was...

Check Out The "Pregnant" Stomach Above...

Now Here I Am A Year Later! 58 Pounds of Fat Gone.

I've Gone From A Size 42 to a 33 (and they're getting big on me too)

Some people think that life is something that just happens to them.   They think other people get the better life.  They get used to not living their dreams.  It doesn't have to be this way any more.  In fact, I'm going to reveal a powerful technique that just might be the answer you've been secretly praying for...

You are about to learn that you can deliberately shape your life how you want it - and do it in a way that is all gain and no pain.

You're about to discover what allows some people to live the life of their dreams. Studies show that the most important ingredient is - confidence. Hands down.

If you are surprised the answer wasn't money, it's because confident people know that there is no shortage of money to be had. If they lose their money they know that they will soon make it back, plus some more.

Here's how people with confidence take their heart’s desires and make them real...

They have the will to act on their dreams. They focus like a laser on their goals and organize their life to make their goals a top priority. And they don’t stop until they make their dreams come true.

All Dreams are built on the foundation of confidence.

People that are shy and lack confidence have the same desires as everyone else. But their dreams will remain unfulfilled if they don’t act on them.

Some people will count the following as positive changes coming from self confidence:

• Attend important meetings at work – only this time you are totally relaxed and alert. Willing and able to contribute.

• Approach interesting people at parties and other social gatherings with a genuine smile on your face. You like meeting new people. And people are drawn to you.

• Ask for what you want and know that you are worth it.

• Enjoy the freedom you feel when you are so confident in your beliefs that you are not affected by someone else’s opinion of you, or anything else for that matter.

• Enjoy becoming assertive and expressing your opinion.

• Develop your life’s passion/hobby into a business and love going to work each and every day

• Take care of your weight, physical fitness and looks because now you really know you are worthy of the best.

Whatever your goals are you need to be determined to see them through to the end and stay on course.

It's True!  People Who Are More Confident Earn More Money And Are Happier With Their Lives!

Confidence gives you the strength to be determined.

Confidence helps you do what you need to do. And gets you where you want. And confidence will also let you find someone that knows how to do the things you can’t.

You will be met with obstacles on the road to your dreams. A dream worth obtaining is bound to have some challenges.

That's okay. Because true confidence cannot be beaten. And that is what this website is all about.

Today, you will find that your hopes can magically become real.

You will know how to go around, under, over or through anything barring your path to your dreams.

Now you can make the first step towards applying a long-lost technique to boost your self-confidence sky high. And best of all, it can be done in about 15 minutes and you will be wearing confidence like a second skin.

View this technique at home and apply it to your life situation. It can stop an unwanted feeling as soon as it starts. It then flips that unwanted feeling into a positive one. And it takes about 15 minutes to apply.

The New Science of Instant Behavior Change

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) started on the campus of the University of California at Santa Cruz. It was the product of two incredible minds, Dr. John Grinder and Richard Bandler. Grinder was a professor of linguistics and Bandler was one of his students. Working together, the pair developed NLP - the most incredibly powerful change technology known to mankind.

For example they invented a Five Minute Phobia Cure was so powerful, with major client changes in a matter of minutes, that NLP got tremendous respect in the therapeutic world. There was another technique that was equally as powerful but you won't read about it in any books because it was lost. It fell through the cracks around the time of the Bandler/Grinder split and has been hidden and dormant for more than twenty years. Now, it is available for the first time to the general public but only if you act quickly.

This technique produced powerful behavioral changes in a matter of minutes. People from all over the world flocked to feel the power of these techniques. One of these students was Tony Robbins.

Today, you see him on infomercials as the self-help guru of the world; but his roots were solidly based in NLP.

Bandler and Grinder were great at experimentation. They invented techniques after modeling Virginia Satir, Gregory Bateson, and the legendary Milton Erickson. Moreover, they taught people how to achieve results just like the masters! One day, just for the heck of it, Bandler and Grinder sat down and did some deep trance identification work with one of their students. You know the results. That student, Stephen Gilligan, became Milton Erickson to the point of adopting all of the mannerisms of the master. He also became one of the most skilled hypnotists in the world.

What would you pay to have Bandler and Grinder work on you and have you do a deep trance identification of one of the masters of the field of your interest? What would it be worth to have the golfing skills of Tiger Woods? What if you had the entrepreneurial drive of Bill Gates? What if you had the charisma of Mick Jagger? But sadly, it was impossible. . . until now.

One day, while just playing around with patterns, John Grinder discovered a new technique for rapid change. It started with a negative behavior that began automatically. Take any of these as an example:

Fear and Doubt
Lack of Confidence
Test Anxiety
Fear of Public Speaking

Through the incredible use of powerful but simple techniques, the negative behavior becomes the driver for the positive. Think of it this way. Every time you try to do the old negative behavior, the new behavior automatically starts.

Just try to do your old negative behavior after this technique is done. It will be impossible.

So how come more people don't know about this technique? That's a great question that I have asked myself. I went through the following old NLP books looking for even the briefest mention of this technique:

Frogs Into Princes
They Live Happily Ever After
Structure of Magic
Patterns of Hypnotic Techniques
NLP Volume I
Using Your Brain
Heart of the Mind
Change Your Mind
Influencing With Integrity
NLP: The New Technology of Achievement
Unlimited Power
Magic in Action

You can look it up yourself. None of these books or any of the other NLP books I have lists this technique. It was lost forever, decades ago.

This technique that was lost many years ago is called - The Physiology of Excellence.

If you wanted to learn it, you had to be in Santa Cruz when John Grinder and Richard Bandler still talked to one another and still invented new techniques.

Until now.

I've reached all the way back in to the vaults of NLP to present this new powerful technique. How powerful is it?

Think about permanent change taking place within minutes instead of months.

Fear of Public Speaking Gone Forever!

My doctor sent his wife to me once because she was the president of a local woman's organization and she had to give a public speech. She had never spoken publicly before and she was physically sick - almost to the point of terror - at the thought of getting on stage. And she was scheduled to speak that very evening.

One half hour later, the fear was gone. She was laughing about her public appearance.

It is now three years since I worked with this woman. She speaks publicly all the time now.

What if you could get results like that?

Impotence Removed in half an hour!

I had one man come to me who had lost all confidence with women. Although there was nothing organically wrong with him, he had become impotent. He went to a psychiatrist who told me that it would take a minimum of twelve sessions to get this fixed. I told the man that it would take about a half hour. (I wanted to give myself extra time.) He asked me again, "How long will this take?" I told him that since he asked twice, he was probably a slow learner and it might take up to an hour.

One half hour later, he was done. The problem was gone!

He came back a month later. No, the problem was gone for good. He just wanted to know, how could something work so quickly.

What if you could get results like that?

How much would it be worth to your practice to be able to solve so many of the complex cases that you have in record time? What do you think that would do to your referral rate?

Introducing: The Physiology of Excellence

I learned this technique many years ago as part of my NLP Practitioner Training. I never thought about it until I discovered that it never appeared in any of the NLP books. That's incredible! How can it be that this is one of the most powerful change techniques known to mankind and no one is aware of it? That staggers the mind.

I have used this technique countless times with great success. I have used it with similar results. But, you couldn't learn this technique unless you were in Santa Cruz with John and Richard or studied NLP with someone who was with them.

This summer, I videotaped him doing a live demonstration. This is the first time ANYWHERE that this technique appears on DVD. This is now available to the general public for a short time only.


The trainer listens as the client describes her goals for the session.

This video is a live demonstration - not staged. In 40 minutes, I take a young woman who gets stuck in a depressed state and turn her into a powerful tiger.

The taping took place on a Thursday afternoon. I called the subject the following week. Her comment, "Wow, did that ever work! I had the greatest weekend of my life."

This recording has never before been sold to the public. This is the first time. I have produced a limited number of these DVD's. Get them while you can.

The client demonstrates that this is how she wants to feel - powerful and in control!

This is one of the most powerful
NLP techniques ever invented!

The package includes an incredibly powerful high quality DVD. I will also include a special handout teaching you the technique. Watch the DVD in its entirety the first time through. Then watch it a second time with the notes in your hands.

The DVD is 43 minutes long. This is far longer than the technique needed but I wanted to demonstrate it so that people watching the video would get it as well.

Once this technique is in your hands, you can quickly, efficiently and effectively do the work on yourself or others just as I display in this DVD.

Order your copy today!


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Read these incredible testimonials from people who have purchased and viewed this DVD:

"I had a life long phobia of speaking in public. I would get violently ill before each speaking engagement. I used the Physiology of Excellence Technique right out of the package and my phobia was gone. Since that time I've been able to speak many times without any discomfort."

C. Newman, Hillside, New Jersey

"As I told you in the last PM I sent to you I was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and nearly died. Its gone into remission now, but I became a terrible IV drug addict in the process due to pain from a botched surgery. I've been off the drugs since November, but for a long time really felt like that was the only progress I had made in my life. Each morning now when I wake up I work on one of my "issues" using the Phsysiology of Excellence and it has helped me in so many ways. Not only in terms of bringing me the monitary wealth that I used to enjoy, but a happiness I have NEVER had before. Thank you again Dr. Killstein. "

Brandon Fredrickson

"For many years, I was unable to ask my boss for a raise. I would make plans and write it on my schedule but I always sabotaged myself. One day, I answered one of your emails and ordered the Physiology of Excellence DVD When I asked for the raise, I got a job promotion at the same time. Thank you NLP and Harlan Kilstein

Susan Hopkins, Toronto, Ontario

"I watched your DVD and studied the directions. It was easier than you said. I overcame my phobia of driving on highways the first time. I took my kids for ice-cream all over the area."

D. Gluck, Pinecrest, Florida

Think of all the people that you can help with this powerful technique.

Order your copy now!

The DVD could command any price at all because you can't find this technique anywhere. I just did a Google search and could not find a single DVD of this technique. So what do you think an unreleased technique that John Grinder developed is worth? I could name any price and people would gladly pay it.

Instead, I want this technique to be widely available so I am selling it for special price of just $97.00   $48.50.

You can order through Paypal - the easiest way to purchase things over the Internet.

Yours truly,

Harlan Kilstein, Ed.D., C.Ht.


>Harlan Kilstein, Ed.D., C.Ht.


PS This recording is super high quality. I had it professionally done. This is not like some of the tapes that you find on the Internet where it looks like someone's three year old did the taping.

I Want To Start Changing Right Now!

PPS If you order this tape by Midnight tonight, I will send you an entire Practitioner Training Manual instead just the instruction sheet for one technique. People regularly pay $39.95 for the manual alone. It's yours free with your order. I will send you the Practitioner Manual ASAP by email.

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PPPS I made up a limited supply of DVD's. Once this supply is gone, I will decide if they will ever be available again. In other words, if you don't order now, you may never see them again.

PPPPS Order this DVD risk free. Watch this DVD. Learn this technique. If you are not convinced that this technique was not one of the greatest NLP bargains you ever found, return it upto one year from the date of purchase no questions asked and keep the NLP Practitioner Manual absolutely free. (Shipping not refundable).

PPPPPS I know that you will want to get your hands on this DVD right away so we ship your DVD to you the next business day. You won't wait weeks for shipment. You can be doing this technique within a few days.


Please note: All testimonials were received via email as a result of using The Physiology of Excellence DVD. Of course, your results may vary depending on how you apply this technique to your life. Please work on only one problem at a time. If you require individual assistance, you may want to check on the availablity of Dr. Kilstein for one on one work here: Personal Coaching

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